Training to elevate your business

Takeoff Training

Training which will elevate your business

Flight to the max

Increase profit

Improve your team

Minimize loss

Expand benefits

Intensive experience to obtain

Definition of team indicators for quartal horizon

Individual responsibility for own tasks

Understanding of rules and principles

Trust in team work

Imprint airflight principles to common knowledge of your team

Clear communication is the key

Pilots do not prattle

They forward instructions briefly and clearly

Information must be accepted and understood

Use feedback to reach the stars

Every flight ends with analysis

Strengthen working and verified processes

Eliminate weak points

  • This training is based on analogies between aviation and management, therefore a flight simulator is an integral part of the course.

  • Whole setup can be packed and assembled at a location of your choice. At your premises, in your hotel’s meeting room or at the local airport.

  • 2 full training days

We are happy you are interested.

If you would like to arrange a meeting, discuss the options and benefits of the training, please fill in the form. During our appointment, you may try our flight simulator in order to understand the benefits it delivers.

Or you may call to us directly to +420 777 817 815.